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Please note that the models below may no longer be available. If a model is no longer available, will will supply you with an equivalent air conditioner unit from the same manufacturer.

samsung-4way-cassette (1)

Samsung Inverter 4-Way Cassette

  • Energy-efficient Inverter heating / cooling for larger areas
  • 7 models available, in sizes from 24 000 Btu/hr to 48 000 Btu/hr
  • Single and 3-phase models
  • 50-75m piping length to outdoor unit / 30m elevation
  • Enviromentally-friendly R410A gas
  • Supported nationwide by Samsung Air
samsung-4way-cassette (1)

Inverter Mini 4-Way Cassette (R410A)

  • Quiet energy-efficient heating/cooling for home or office
  • Samsung Inverter technology saves up to 40% on energy costs
  • 5 different models
  • Environmentally-friendly R410A gas
  • Max. piping length to outdoor unit: 50m5

Samsung FREE JOINT MULTI Airconditioner

  • One Outdoor unit, multiple indoor units
  • Twin BLDC Compressor
  • Universal Indoor units
  • Sound-insulated Compressor
  • Inverter economy, eco-friendly R410A gas

Samsung Slim Duct

  • Extra-compact design – fits snugly in restrictedspace areas
  • Samsung’s Smart Inverter technology ensures maximum energy savings
  • Heating and cooling
  • Quiet operation: noise level as little as 27db(A) (low-speed)

Samsung VRF System

  • Dual Smart Inverter with Vapour Injection for industry-leading efficiency COP as high as 4.94
  • AHRI 1230 (VRF) Certified, 208/230V, 460V heat pump/heat recovery
  • Largest system capacity (up to 36 ton heat pump/heat recovery)
  • Fully-variable compressor with Vapour Injection (up to 20% increase in heating capacity)
  • Enhanced wireless commissioning with S Checker for fast commissioning
  • 110m level piping level difference ensures installation flexibility on highrise buildings (50m indoor/indoor difference)
  • Sold and supported nationwide by Fourways Airconditioning South Africa, including provision of training facilities

Samsung Inverter MSP Duct

  • Top-quality energy-efficient Inverter Ducted heating/cooling
  • Available in 6 models
  • Single and 3-phase models
  • 50m to 75m piping length to outdoor unit/30m elevation
  • Environmentally-friendly R410A gas

Samsung EHS Monobloc

  • Samsung EHS is an all-in-one system with highly efficient heat pump technology that keeps your house at a comfortable temprature and your heating costs low all year round
Samsung-Inverter-R410A-Console Samsung Inverter R410A Console

  • Quiet operation as a split unit
  • Heating/cooling for home or office
  • Energy-efficient, cost-saving up to 40%
  • Environmentally-friendly R410A gas
  • 3 Models available